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Who We Are

About Rising Sun Karate Academy in Toms River, NJ

Hanshi Rick Herbster

Founder of Rising Sun Karate Academy in Toms River, NJ


Rising Sun Karate Academy has been serving families like yours in the Toms River, NJ area since 1983. By visiting our website, you have taken the first step toward becoming happier, healthier and safer in our ever-changing society.

We will provide your family with personalized attention not found in other martial arts schools. RSKA is dedicated to fitness, family, learning, and growing and our curriculum emphasizes setting and attaining goals… your goals at your pace.

We offer exciting Karate, Judo and Cardio Kickboxing classes, mixed with self-defense and a variety of martial arts techniques, that will help you or your child to unleash the giant within you so that you can shine in ALL parts of your life!

We are committed to providing high quality martial arts instruction to every student as we emphasize self-control, self-discipline, and respect. Any form of martial arts is more than a sport; it’s a philosophy. Our programs go beyond just physical training. Mind and body strength, fitness and endurance are encouraged. We believe in thinking positively, avoiding negative thinking and speech, and doing good deeds every day.

Beginners Welcome! We have classes for everyone. If you’re feeling a little nervous about starting martial arts, we understand. You know what though? Everyone was once in your shoes as a total beginner. Taking that first step is the hardest, but once you do, you’ll quickly see how much FUN it is and all the AMAZING things that martial arts does for you. That alone will motivate you to want to come back and learn more.

You do not have to be super fit or an experienced athlete to take our classes. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what kind of shape you are in right now. We have classes for ALL ages and fitness levels and we will help you reach your goals – one powerful kick and punch at a time.

Karate, Judo and Cardio Kickboxing are some of the best “whole body” workouts you can do because it helps you to develop strength, speed, flexibility, balance and endurance in every class.

As you learn new techniques and improve your current skills, you’ll be amazed at how fit and strong you get!

Martial arts is an EXCELLENT way for your child (or yourself) to get in tune with their body, mind, and spirit as they develop…

  • Tremendous focus, excellent listening skills & a longer attention span
  • Improved physical fitness, flexibility & coordination
  • Soaring confidence and respect for self & others
  • A “can do” attitude and determined spirit
  • Great interpersonal skills interacting with others

Those powerful skills will help your child stand up for themselves and become BULLY-PROOF, become confident in other areas of their life, have the courage to try new and different things and get better grades in school. All that sets the stage for their success now and in the future.

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Martial arts isn’t about making you a fighter or adding to all the violence that’s already in the world. We teach our students to avoid confrontations and to resolve them peacefully when they do arise. We also prepare you for the possibility of having to protect yourself, if necessary.

At RSKA, learning new and challenging skills while having a lot of FUN is the key to your success. The culture here is upbeat and positive and we always use positive motivation to motivate you to always do your best. Get ready to see lots of high fives and fist bumps whenever you accomplish something big or small!

Top Notch Instructors! Our professional martial art school has the very best award- winning instructors who are committed to excellence, continued learning and, most of all, to your success. They truly love what they do and it shows.  

Your martial arts journey is a team effort here and we’re ready to help make you and your family winners both on the mat and in life… one Black Belt at a time. See you soon!

Head Instructor

Hanshi Rick Herbster is the Founder of RSKA and has been actively involved in the martial arts for 50 years. He trained in Karate under Hanshi H. Robert Haag, Hanshi James R. Henry and Shihan Isaac Henry, Jr. and he trained in Judo under Ed Huyler and Sensei C. Scott Main.

In addition to being the Executive Director of RSKA, Hanshi is ranked in Japanese Jujitsu and continues his training in the RSKA Judo Program.

His outstanding career has included numerous awards and proclamations from community leaders, political officials, charitable organizations and fellow martial arts Masters.

He has been an author for Black Belt Magazine and has written articles concerning the history of Wado-ryu karate and the life of Grandmaster Hironori Otsuka.

Hanshi has trained many students to the level of Master and beyond. One of his highest ranked and most well-known students is Kyoshi Jason David Frank. At the age of 19, Kyoshi Frank was cast in one of the most popular children’s television series ever to air, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Today, Kyoshi Frank is the Director and Master Instructor of the RSKA schools in the Houston, Texas area.

In addition to Jason David Frank, some of the most notable RSKA Black Belts include Kyoshi George Downey, Kyoshi Darren Ross, Kyoshi Rob Torres, Renshi Alex Alarcón, Renshi Richard Herbster, Sempai Lucas Torres and Toms River Police Chief, Sempai Mitch Little.

Hanshi Rick Herbster is the Executive Director and Grandmaster at the RSKA Headquarters Dojo located in Toms River, New Jersey.

How to Get Started

Come join our Toms River, NJ Karate facility! We offer programs in Birthday Parties, Kickboxing, Kids Martial Arts, Teen & Adult Karate, and Teen & Adult Judo. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (732) 244-9494 if you have any further questions. Rising Sun Karate Academy hopes to speak with you soon!